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PT Langgeng Makmur Industri Tbk.
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PT Langgeng Makmur Industri Tbk. was established in 1972, located at Waru, Sidoarjo, Indonesia and started its commercial operations in 1976. In the initial operation, the company did manufacture plastic houseware, expanded into aluminium kitchenware production in 1980, then PVC pipe in 1987 and plastic woven bag in the following year. In line with its rapid growth and to enhance its performance in the emerging market, in 1994 the Company offered its shares to the public and listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange. As the economic growth that results in the increasing purchasing power, in 1996 the Company started the expansion for manufacturing of non-stick aluminium cookware & bakeware which promotes high quality products and is produced using spray and roller coating systems.

Product diversification and development have been continuously implemented wherein the Company produces not only various types of plasticware but also value-added plastic houseware such as drink jar and plastic container for convenient storage as well as industrial plasticware such as pallet and crates. PVC pipe is expanded to include PVC pipe fitting and profiles and PE pipe. With the support of customers and all other business associates, the Company becomes one of the most leading companies in the related industries in Indonesia. It has been the company' s objective to enhance its overseas market by exporting high volumes of plastic houseware, aluminum non-stick cookware and aluminium kitchenware.

The Company has obtained ISO 9001- 2000 certification for quality management system standardization from

Our products:
Plastic houseware: Water jug, plate, glass, cup, pitcher set, container, tray, kitchen spice set, drink jar, tray, cake set, school box, bowl, food carrier, picnic set, dish rack, dust bin, chair, stool, basket, laundry box, hanger, multi purpose rack, shoe rack, cutlery basket, coin bank, dust scooper, shopping basket, waste basket, table, flower pot, kettle, kitchen mate, seal pack, food keeper, snack pot, kitchen utensils, sieve, grater, bathroom accessory, baby bath, basin, water scooper, laundry basket, pail, storage tank, jerrycan, funnel, acrylic, bread box, candy case, fruit basket, rice basket, clover basket, food case, ice bucket, rice bucket, dish cover, non stick ( MakCook series) .

For Industrial need: Plastic pallet, crate series, large container, plastic woven bags

alluminium kitchenware: kettle series, tea pot, economic rice boiler series, cooking pot series, pot series, multi purpose pot series, soup pot, steam pot series, Oregon pot series, stock pot, food carrier series, food carrier stack series, meat pot series, food bowl series, wok series, soup food case cover, santan sieve, basin, shallow basin, steam boiler stack series, rice container series, rice cooker B series, magic roaster, milk pan, bowl series, crepes pan series, fry pan, egg poacher, cooking pot, oil pot with strainer, dawet sieve.

The company has obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification for quality management system standarization from PT TUV International Indonesia for factories Unit 1 and 3, and from PT URS Services Indonesia for factory Unit 2.

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